Where is Block Island!? Get to know the tiny island off New England.

I talk about this place a lot so I get it, you proooobably are sick of hearing about it butttt let’s talk about Block Island! Where is Block Island? What is it? What is it like? How do we get there? In this blog post we’ll cover some of the very basics.

where is block island

Block Island is a small island off the coast of Rhode Island. It’s a 4 by 7 miles, at it’s widest points. Block Island is made of up mostly conservancy land and historic properties – air conditioning is a recent amenity in most of the hotels that only became normal a few years ago, not that many of us needed it out there.

block island

Off the coast of Rhode Island, about ten miles out, is this perfect little island. Nestled in the Block Island Sound, the space between Long Island and Connecticut, the ferry landings on the mainland can be found in New London CT, Point Judith RI, and Newport RI. Being a 2-3 hour drive from Boston, or New York City, the island is a perfect weekend getaway or summer-long getaway.

block island ferry

Whether you’re looking for an ocean view to snuggle up to with a book or some knitting or hit the beach all day and bar hop at night, Block Island is the perfect location for a reprieve from mainland life.

Although the island is traditionally advertised as a party island, it’s so much more than that. Think back to a time without cell phones, where you lost track of what time it was playing volleyball at the beach, and chasing sunsets. That is the beauty of this island — going back to simple living.

spring house hotel block island

Whether you’re snagging a hotel rental for the week or a hotel for the weekend there are so many places to check out for food on the island. Persephone’s is a favorite for breakfast (or brunch!) and I will never get over the view at the Spring House Hotel.

Honestly, you’ll never find all the ponds on the island or all of the trails. Many of the trails are made by the Conservancies on the island, and some by locals. A few of my favorite locations are Black Rock, Pots and Kettles, and Hodge Preserve.

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