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Elopements and micro-weddings are IN right now — it doesn’t help that COVID has basically destroyed big weddings. I’m feeling your pain — no more crowd surfing until 2021 most likely. So where to elope in New England? Let’s get that epic elopement planned.’

So, where to Elope in New England

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a BOMB elopement that your friends will all be envious of. Snag a room in a bougie AirBnb or hotel, and elope in an epic location somewhere in New England. As things begin to open up, the possibilities become endless. Let’s round up some of the BEST locations to elope in New England.

Best locations to elope in Connecticut

Madison Beach Hotel, engagement photos, where to elope in Connecticut
Engagement photos at Madison Beach Hotel

Harkness Memorial Park

Harkness is one of the most popular locations in Connecticut for engagement sessions — and for so many valid reasons. With this in mind why not use it for an elopement? Use the big tree, or head down by the water. The best part of Harkness Memorial Park is that it’s a really diverse park with lots of different environments. You can’t go wrong just taking a stroll and using whatever speaks to you.

Madison Beach

Madison Connecticut is one of our favorite little coastal towns in Connecticut. With little coffee shops, a bookstore (plus outlets nearby), the area is one of those perfect, quintessential little coastal towns. Head over to the beach in Madison to enjoy an elopement at sunrise or sunset. Stay at the Madison Beach Hotel in a room overlooking your elopement location.

Hartford City Hall

Hartford City Hall is one of the BEST locations in New England for that classic, timeless city elopement. An absolutely stunning location, it’s easy to snag gorgeous and incredible photos from your elopement.

Where to elope in Maine…

Lighthouses across the state…

You can’t go wrong with any of the lighthouses across the coastal region of Maine. There are hundreds of little coastal towns, each with their own quintessential AirBnbs and bed and breakfasts.

Acadia National Park

There are so many options within Acadia National Park. Stay at an AirBnb local to Acadia State Park — go with something more rustic like a yurt or snag something a little more bougie with a big bathtub and epic views.

There are numerous locations within Acadia National Park and we go into depth in a different blog post about the options at your disposal. Honestly, you could just snag your photographer/videographer and officiant and just hike around until you find a location that feels good.

Deer Isle

In Hancock County Maine, you have Deer Isle. A gorgeous quintessential island off the coast of Southern Maine, there are two hotels on the island and numerous AirBnbs to choose from. Another great location to just walk around in a location with your photographer/videographer + officiant until you find the location that just feels right.

Where to elope in Massachusetts

echo lake engagement photos, where to elope in new hampshire

Find a spot on the beach in Nantucket

Nantucket is one of my favorite locations in Massachusetts. Head out there on the ferry, and stay at the weekend at the Greydon House right by the boat. There are so many incredible restaurants right downtown and the beach is walking distance. Get married over by the lighthouse or out in the Serengeti.

Bascom Lodge in the Berkshires

The Bascom Lodge in Adams Massachusetts is such a great location for a mountain-themed and a more rustic elopement. Enjoy the amenities of the lodge while being out in the wilderness of the Berkshires for your elopement.

Worcester City Hall for that epic City Hall Elopement

Take you and your love to Worcester City Hall for a more urban, city themed elopement. Enjoy the architecture of Worcester City Hall in your elopement photography and walk around the building to get some epic city shots outside.

Elope in these New Hampshire locations

Artists Bluff in Franconia Notch

One of my favorite New England elopement locations has to be the Franconia Notch. With something for everything (long hikes, get out of the car and you’ve arrived short hikes) there is something for everyone and every ability. The diversity is also pretty on point — there are so many options from lakefront mountain views, to a bridge overlooking the valley and trails up into the mountains. Check out more with this blog post.

Portsmouth NH Lighthouse

Head out to the Portsmouth NH Lighthouse for your elopement. There are tons of sweet little AirBnb’s and hotels nearby to stay for the night or for two weeks. A gorgeous location on the water, it’s such a perfect spot for an easy breezy elopement.

Fabulous Rhode Island elopement locations

beavertail jamestown ri elopement where to elope in rhode island

Brenton Point Newport

This tip of Aquidneck Island is often used for pictures for all sorts of milestones. Why not walk out on the rocks and elope here? There are also trails that are absolutely gorgeous as well.

Anywhere on Block Island

You can’t go wrong with literally anywhere on Block Island — check out this epic elopement to understand why I’m saying that.

Beavertail Jamestown Rhode Island Elopements

Beavertail is my favorite location for a waterfront sunrise elopement. The colors that spread out over the water, twinkling over the rocks, are insane. Shots from this location are always on my desktop and I have them hanging in my house. It’s gorgeous.

Elope in these top Vermont locations

where to elope in vermont

Mount Mansfield

An easy location to hop off the road and find a sweet spot without too much effort, or plunge into the wilderness and find something absolutely incredible, Mount Mansfield is one of my favorite spots in Vermont. We hold mini sessions here annually and LOVE a good Stowe Pinnacle elopement.

Stratton Mountain Fire Tower

This is my dream spot – I have yet to photograph here but anytime I hike through it I get FOMO with all the epic elopements that could happen here. Let’s go.

Lake Caspian and Highland Lodge

Spend a week enjoying the Northeast Kingdom and slowing down to embrace nature, good food, and each other. Check out more from Highland Lodge here. One of the best, and easiest locations to elope with little effort, and with a few friends, Highland Lodge is a quintessential New England B&B.

If you’re looking for more Vermont micro-wedding locations, make sure to check this link out.

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