Where to get married on Block Island: Black Rock

There are literally zillions of places to get married on Block Island, especially if you take all of the fuss out of the equation. If you’re looking for a more natural spot for your wedding day Black Rock is one of my favorite spots.

block island wedding
The Beach at Black Rock

This is definitely not an area for more than a few people, and does require some challenging driving/hiking. That said, it’s one of the most private locations on the island, and one of the best hidden gems.

block island wedding
Trails on Black Rock

The beauty of this spot is you can hike around together until you find the perfect spot for you for your big day. There are plenty of hills with iconic Block Island fields, beach overlooks, and more. Spending the few minutes before your wedding capturing portraits as you hike gets your wedding portraits done before your ceremony even begins.

Block island beach wedding
View from the trails on Block Island

Whenever folks start talking about wedding planning where to get married on Block Island can be a daunting question. Location scouting certainly helps, but it’s also best to think about your whole wedding first: will any guests be there, are you willing to hike, sunset or sunrise, more private or tourists being around won’t bother you… There’s lots of factors to consider.

The bench at Black Rock

What’s great about Black Rock, is that you can really get a lot from the location without having to drive anywhere. The iconic fields, trees, paths, the beach, cliffs… There are so many options for your ceremony and wedding photos.

At Black Rock, it doesn’t fully matter what what time you go to do your wedding, as long as it isn’t during the full sun on a July day, as you’re pretty exposed in most locations. Sunsets and sunrises are absolutely beautiful at this location as well.

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