Why you should do a boudoir session…

A Boudoir Session is for more than just feeling sexy.

I’d love to think that a boudoir session is just for feeling sexy, but let’s get real and vulnerable for a second. A BOUDOIR SESSION IS ABOUT MORE THAN FEELING SEXY. They’re about learning your body and LOVING YOU.

Imma say this a lot: A BOUDOIR SESSION IS ABOUT LOVING YOU. YOU. Because YOU deserve to love you and it is SO important that you do.

new orleans boudoir session
Photography by Kim Palowski

So …why a boudoir session?

I have grown tremendously in the past few years, (months) and part of that I totally credit to seeing myself in images more often. I had a hate-hate relationship with my body — “ugh there’s pudge,” “my boobs are atrocious,” lots of ugly language about my body was a REGULAR part of my daily life. It was impacting my mental health and my ability to really show up for myself and those around me.

You hear negative enough about you and you start to believe it. That’s exactly what happened to me. There were some bottoms that hit that ultimately changed my patterns and path — AA was a big part of that. Both really focus on loving yourself — AA it takes a little longer to figure out that message, but it’s there.

los angeles boudoir session
Photography by Kim Palowski

How loving yourself translates to overall success…

Loving yourself translates to overall success. Let’s break that down. When you believe you deserve crap, because you don’t love yourself, crap is what happens. Changing that mindset is absolutely imperative. Learning that YOU (reading this ish right this very second) deserve unconditional love and YOU deserve to give it to YOU. Wild I know, and not something I believed. I thought it always had to come from someone else and wtf is loving yourself?

new england boudoir session
Photography by Kim Palowski

So what does loving me look like?

For me, loving myself means being kind to my body, soul, and spirit. It means going to AA daily (not weekly like I sometimes like to think), giving myself and others boundaries to support a daily structure that fosters happiness, success, and productivity. It means having a CLEAN HOME — this was a big one. I used to HATE cleaning my home (oh that dish pile? it’d be like 6 months old before I would tackle it) because honestly, deep down I didn’t think I deserve it. As soon as I changed that mindset (and it takes regular practice to stay there and not revert) my house was clean, AND smelled nice — it’s wild and amazing.

boudoir photographer
Photography by Kim Palowski

There’s a lot more to how I love myself than just that paragraph and that could be an entire book. Look at ways you treat yourself and imagine if there was a different world where you improved how you treated yourself — even in small ways. What would that feel like? What would that look like? Sit with those emotions for yourself. You deserve to treat yourself WELL.

boudoir sessions
Photography by Kim Palowski

So… How does a Boudoir session fit into all this?

Oh lord let’s chat about this for a hot second. Boudoir sessions fit into loving yourself because it’s an opportunity to FEEL SEXY, get in front of a camera, splurge a little on yourself and push your comfort zones. Meeee, the photographer, will support you along the way before, during and after your session so that you feel beautiful and you see that beautiful person in the images.

boston boudoir sessions
Photography by Kim Palowski
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