Will I Regret Eloping?

Whenever couples come to me looking to elope, recently anyways, many are asking: will I regret eloping? I want to break this question down a bit on how to get your cake, and eat it too when it comes to getting married. I’ve never had a couple regret eloping — so I think I know a thing or two about this.

If you’ve been asking yourself “will I regret eloping?” this article is perfect for you! From what is eloping to breaking all the rules with no looking back, we will cover all the elopement questions.

will i regret eloping

Will I Regret Eloping? What is an Elopement?

It totally makes sense to start here right? What the heck is an elopement? The words micro-wedding, elopement, intimate wedding are all thrown around often. For us, an elopement is just the couple + the officiant + photo/video team. A micro-wedding has a guest list of less than 15, while an intimate wedding has up to 35 wedding guests.

Most often, folx think of elopements as a jeans and t-shirts, walk up to the court house sort of thing. Here’s the deal though, an elopement can be anything you want it to be. We can helicopter off to a remote location, kayak, spelunk in a cave, or snuggle up in a bathtub with overflowing bubbles and champagne. Who cares, it’s YOUR elopement.

will i regret eloping, jackson falls nh elopement
Jackson Falls Elopement

Often when folx share these extravagant elopements, they involve significant hikes, and adventures, with designer dresses, and huge florals. Your elopement doesn’t have to be that if that’s not you. You can thrift with your best friends for months leading up to your wedding until you find the perfect dress, you can wear a pantsuit instead if you want.

You can still do the monumental things like a first look, and share moments with your fam. If they’re not going to pester you too badly, FaceTime them while you do your makeup, and show off your dress. Have your family and friends write you letters to read on your elopement day, or afterwards!

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Who Are Elopements For?

ANYONE! Seriously! If you’re more adventurous sure! If you can’t hike a mountain, you can still elope. Want to do it with your cats? I’m here for it!

When it comes to elopements, any couple is the right couple for an elopement. There are many ways to customize elopements to different couples, making elopements more accessible to anyone.

If you want you can splurge, or you can just go to the court house in jeans and a t shirt. I know this may seem biased, and hear me out. The one area you should always splurge on is your PHOTOGRAPHY. This is all you’ll have 50 years from now, and it’s honestly a lifetime investment, not just an investment in one day. So make the splurge.

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How do You Incorporate Loved Ones Into Your Elopement?

Here’s where you can have your cake and eat it too. Have a wedding shower before you leave to send you off — invite a cluster of friends and family that you’d really love to be with you on your day if it were a big wedding. In the invite, tell them to write you a letter to you for you to open on your elopement day.

Leading up to your day, head out with different clusters of your friends and family to pick out your wedding attire, and anything else you’ll need. If you’re having to shop online, have a shopping party, and invite folx over to internet shop with you!

Will I Regret Eloping? No, just break all the rules, and do exactly what you want.

On the day of, you can have friends, and family write letters to you, write and mail letters to them from your elopement location. You can also hop on FaceTime with friends, and fam while you’re getting ready or after eating pizza in a hotel bed.

When you return home, have a welcome home party with friends and family. You can set up a projector screen in the backyard with blankets, and pillows for your loved ones to watch your elopement video and slideshow on the big screen.

If you want to, you can even have a vow renewal a year later, keeping your private vows private, and using an officiant’s guidance for vows. This way, all the things you want kept between the two of you can be shared between the two of you.

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Will I regret eloping?

Making an Elopement Special — With No Regrets

Here is where the magic sauce is to not regretting your elopement. Your day, your rules. And if you want to make it your week your rules, that’s cool too. There’s nothing you HAVE to do on your wedding day except get married. You might want to wear clothes, but realistically, the only “have-to” on the day of your wedding is getting married.

After that, it’s free reigns to having a ragret-free day. The secret to never asking yourself will I regret eloping? Not holding back. If you want to have tacos in a parking lot, you can, if you want to go on a ghost tour in the French Quarter — it’s been done. Whatever is special to you, incorporate it. Go somewhere really sentimental to y’all, incorporate parts of your lives that are important. If you bonded over surfing or morning walks to a coffee shop, go surf or get coffee the morning of your wedding day. Why not? Your day your rules.

Will I regret eloping?

Spreading Out the Wedding Process

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