Zoom Backgrounds of Southern Vermont

Downtown Brattleboro Vermont
Downtown Brattleboro Vermont

A solid Zoom background can be the difference between frowning when you jump into a movie versus smiling and being excited to start the meeting.

PRO: We all work pantless eating ice cream for breakfast…

CON: Quarantine fucking sucks.

I’m over it. I’ve had it. And if I didn’t have my plant-filled Zoom background (my office is an indoor jungle haphazardly cultivated to make me feel like I’m outside when really I’m in a super small living room), I’d be going a little crazy.

Connecticut River in Southern Vermont
The Connecticut River in Southern Vermont

None of us have time or really energy to keep a beautiful office space for Zoom — I hate throwing the video on because I know my Zoom Background is whatever it’s going to be.

So if you’re looking for some bomb Zoom backgrounds that give you a glimpse of being outside while you’re sitting in meetings inside all day, here’s a few backgrounds for you.

Click here to find them all and download some Zoom backgrounds for you.

  1. Greg Worden says:

    Thanks! Drone shots? Stay well.


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